2010, For Real?

Once again the inevitable has happened, another year has come to an end. Keeping with tradition I’m writing this blag to reflect on 2009 and outline some goals for 2010. This past year was a pretty monumental year in my life. I took many necessary steps to become the person I wish to be. What’s in store for 2010 you ask.

The keyword of 2010 is “refinement.” Taking all I’ve learned about being a better person this last year and refining those skills. Learning to not take the time we have for granted but to use each moment as a gift. These goals are good goals which lead into practical applications such as going back to college or finding a job I absolutely love.

These are just a few of my goals for 2010. What are your goals, thoughts, dreams or ideas? It is my hope that though 2010 will being you joy and happiness. Thank you all for being my loyal, readers, family, and friends.