A Lesson From Nike

In 1971 Nike Inc adopted the slogan “just do it.” I find this slogan to be a very interesting one. The slogan could mean a plethora of things depending on the meaning of the word “it” in the saying. Maybe, “it” is interpreted as a positive thing thus encouraging one do something positive. Perhaps, “it” is negative promoting various types of misconduct in society. Although “it” could be anything it’s interpreted to be, I believe “it” may just mean living life and doing what needs to be done.

As expressed in my previous entry I often struggle with lack of motivation. It’s not until I come to the realization that I need to “just do it.” I need to stop waiting for the world to change and start changing the world. I need to stop not pursuing my dreams and just start doing whatever “it” is that will help me obtain my goals.

I guess you can really learn a thing or two from capitalist America 😉