Far From Perfect

“I’m so far from perfect; I am a failure at best.” I am often reminded by these words from the band My Red Hot Nightmare’s song “weight of another.” Perhaps it’s because I seam to relate everything in my life to a song. Possibly, it’s because I like to focus on the negativity in my life. It could even be the simple fact the song has a catchy tune and pretty meaningful words. Whatever the reason is, the fact still remains that people fail, no ones perfect, and sometimes trying your best doesn’t get you anywhere.

I’ll try not to focus on the negative to much this holiday weekend but I suppose I often feel like: I lose my temper to often, don’t listen enough, take advantage of people too much, and not always try my best. Hence why I am far from perfect. I often encourage myself to try harder and not do these things but then I do maybe that’s why I like Christmas, it seams everyone has a little more grace and mercy at Christmas, a little more love, and a little more patience.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a marvelous New Years.