I had a unique experience last Sunday, I took an IQ test. It very well may have been one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done. It may be one of the worst feelings in the world to know that you don’t know (or can’t do) something.

So i don’t know how much Chris paid for his chocolates after sales tax, can’t define ominous in my own words, can’t name the seven continents and really suck at repeating numbers back in reverse. What does all this say about me? Well that I’m not getting into Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. Other than that, not a lot. I’ve always been by the philosophy do what you’re good at. Truth be told, I don’t have strengths in IQ test. Does this make me dumb, no. I have other strengths.

Why am i telling you this? I really don’t know. If I had to guess it would be because i find it interesting, it was much harder and i reacted much differently then I expected myself too. I’m actually relived that I don’t get the results.