Although the lemming myth has been proven to be false I think that metaphor is still a recognizable one. The idea that once one lemming jumps off a cliff the rest follow. Another commonly used phrase would be, “if everyone jumped off a bridge would you?” These concept are to fight peer-pressure and encourage originality. This has been something that has been on my mind a lot lately. To be quite frank I think if people started jumping off bridges others would follow. We have an internal need to be accepted to be like others. I’ve been thinking about how much of our lives we miss out on because when we chose not to make our own choices but simply follow the leader. This leader is often someone we don’t even now just the person in front of us in line, or the friend of a friend. Think about this next time you do something just because “everyone is doing it”. Be unique. Be yourself.

Follow him follow them follow me follow you follow who
Follow your leader
Do you even know what you’re buying into
Before you follow your leader
It’s the blind leading the blind
Don’t be so eager to follow your leader
Know the truth before you try and turn me into a believer
And make me follow your leader

-John Reuben, Follow Your Leader