Take Action

Well as I’m sure some of you know today is Blog Action Day. Blog Action day is a day where bloggers around the world can come together and blog about a social cause, need, or event(s). This year’s theme is Poverty. A little over a year ago I wrote a blog on causes I support titled “support the cause”. Well those are all still great causes I support but I would like to challenge you a bit further.

This October The Hope Project will be launching the Christmas Initiative. The idea behind this is to get over 1,100 people to each give $35. This is a project that I am very close to and I think it would be great to see this accomplished. The project focuses on provide food, schooling and medical aid to children in need. Why 1,100 people? Why $35? The project currently has 92 unsponsored children in East Africa, Tanzania to be exact. It cost $35 to sponsor a child for a month. This means if 1,100 people all get together and give $35 all the children will be sponsored through 2009!

This doesn’t tickle your fancy? Another organization I’m in support of is Invisible Children. The Invisible Children have the goal of ending war in Uganda. They focus on the children who seem to be invisible to the world. Many who spend hours each day walking to and from displacement camps so they can sleep safely without getting swept up by the rebel forces.
Oh you don’t want to support that either? I’ll bring the problems a little closer to home (pun intended) Habitat for Humanity is an origination with the goal of building homes for people in need. They have built thousands of homes for families. One thing I like about this organization is that they allow individuals to volunteer and help build homes as well as accepting donations.

Well back to the global cause. Charity Water is an organization building wells around the word so individuals can have clean drinking water nearby. They have currently dug 223 wells. This year on September 7th they dug a well live in Ethiopia. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

Wow, there are a lot of causes that are worthy to support.My challenge to you, pick one, pick all 4 but don’t just sit there and do nothing. All of these organizations will benefit from any amount. Even $5 will help make a difference. Please join me as part of Blog action day and TAKE ACTION!