War, Poverty, Hatred, Selfishness

Our world is filled with horrible, sad and unjust things, war in Iraq, war in Georgia, aids in Africa, poverty, nations hating one another, I could go on for hours maybe even days of all the horrid things people have to face on a daily basis. Yet with all this I still can’t help but look out for number one, little oh me. I am a firm believer that selfishness is the number one cause of apathy, discontentment, and depression among people today.

It’s this selfishness that keeps us longing for more. More of what, we don’t really care as long as it’s something that makes us happy either momentarily or for a longer period of time. It’s this same selfishness that keeps us from caring about world affairs and keeps us worried about our own lives “love affairs.” I’m part of the problem I confess, but the time has come to stop living in this state of “me” and start living in the stat of “us”, the people of the world.