As I get older I seam to become more and more forgetful. It used to be that I had to remember all my friends’ birthdays and make sure to get them cards and gifts. Well now it seams the older I get the more mine and there birthdays alike seam to be a lesser and lesser deal. It seams to me the older I get the less I want to get old. Well, Happy Birthday to everyone who’s birthday I’m gonna forget!


  1. felicia felicia

    that is so true; the older you get more less of a deal your birthday is..and the less gifts you get

  2. Drew Darrow Drew Darrow

    Why thank you.

  3. Jeanette Jeanette

    this year, like in june or something, a whole bunch of us are going to get together and RE-celebrate our birthdays. because everyone i’ve talked to for the most part either did nothing for their birthdays or had a crappy one. so… we will gather… party… and exchange gifts. it will be excellent. you should come!

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