December = Snow?

I found it interesting, this week it snowed in Seattle. I come from a town where if it’s December and there isn’t a couple of feet on the ground something is seriously wrong. So when I moved to Seattle a couple years back and it snowed for like 10 min and everyone ran outside I was wondering what was up. Every year I’ve been here since it’s snowed at least once.

I love to watch the snow fall, but what I love to watch even more than that is how people around me like to watch the snow fall. It’s fun to watch there faces light up, watch them run to the windows or run outside in pure excitement and to watch frowns turn to smiles. It’s a small thing, a snow flake, yet it can instantaneously change the mood of a person. Snow is just one of the things I like about December it seams to be one of the many things that it coincides with is Christmas.

Christmas is one of my favorite season not because of the gifts, the hot coca around the fire, or even the occasional snow. It’s because of the way people treat others. The way they are more willing to help one another. The way they donate more money, time and energy to causes, the way people try to be jolly at Christmas.

I often like to think of this other times of the year. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why people aren’t like that all year around. Is it that we only have two months of good will in us and then it’s dry? Is it because we can only be nice for so long before we’ve had enough? Possibly it is because we put ourselves as priority number one. I honestly don’t know why it is. I would like to challenge you to think about the way you treat others, how generous you are all year around.

Have a happy December!

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  1. Felicia Felicia

    Yeah I think it’s because we just put ourselves before others.

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