Dumb Ass

So i got this call from a guy today about how his photo was up on my website. Well the picture is a photo of me so apparently I am this other guy. Here is the phone call and e-mail.(All personal information has been removed.)

“Hello this is the real Brandon Duke you have your… my picture on your website. and uh, it says photo by Justin Dukes art network i mean artwork by Zach Mather but that’s my picture so I’m just wondering how you got it and what’s going on so give me a call back my number is… thank you. ” (listen to the message)

That message was then followed by this e-mail, which was sent to me at 5:47pm and then again at 9:22pm.

“From:Duke, Brandon
To: info@brandondukes.com,
Date: Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 5:47 PM
Subject: just kidding
This is Brandon Duke I called you earlier about the “Borat pic” I was just kidding you can use it if you want I was just messing with you.”

What does that even mean? Is he giving me permission to post myself online? For all those wondering the picture he’s talking about can be found on my other website brandondukes.com. I honestly have no idea how to respond to this… I actually have no plans to respond… Mr Brandon Duke, if you want me to respond then quit being a DUMB ASS.

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  1. fifalicious fifalicious

    That is really weird..

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