Lack of Motiviation

I am what some would call a dreamer. This in the simplest form means, I have great ideas and expectations of what/who I want to be.People often laugh or just stare in utter silence when I tell them my dreams. This just makes me want to succeed more to try harder, run faster, and fly higher.

However, my wants often collide with lack of motivation. This usually comes in the form of an epic battle of good versus evil. I have to be honest here; this lack of motivation prevails in many of these instances. The fact of the matter is it’s so easy to want to do extraordinary things but it is much more difficult to live it out. As many would put it “talk is cheep.”

I have been trying to constantly challenge myself to get over my lack of motivation, this evil inside that tells me that I can proceed to be apathetic. I have to remind myself of my goals my hopes and my dreams.

My man John Ruben summed my feelings up perfectly in the song “Do Not”
lack of understanding lack of communication
lack of a desire for expanding education
lack of inspiration lack of innovation
the fact you can’t respect another mans creation
lack of motivation lack of restoration
the fact we lack unity and enjoy separation
lack of destination because you know what I feel
I feel that humans lack the ability to be real

The problem is not that I don’t have the talents or skills needed just that I don’t have the motivation to carry out my dreams. I can see them shining through the haze.


  1. Felicia Felicia

    I like reading your’re a good writer

  2. Becky Becky

    Hi Brandon!
    I like reading your blogs too!
    I also like that John Reuben song and often identify with those same lyrics.
    Hope you are doing well!

    P.S. I just started solo student teaching so it might be a while before I’m on im again.

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