Life in the movies

I recently bought an iPod, (making me the last person in the world to own one) and on my iPod I have music from various movie soundtracks. Movies like, the Matrix, Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings, and various other movies with kick butt soundtracks.

I thought I was the only person to live my life in the movies. I often enjoy playing the theme songs from such flicks and walking down the street dodging people who don’t even know they are being dodged. I like to think, “what if the man behind me is trying to get me” or watch out for the car on my left. You might just think I’m a schizophrenic. I ensure you I’m not. Maybe I just enjoy making life more interesting.Maybe i have an over active imagination.

If you are ever bored I encourage you to give this a try, you won’t regret it.

Here’s a comic for your inspiration:


  1. Felicia

    Youre just like me!

  2. Jessica

    Haha that’s great!!! I’ve never thought of doing that!!! But I’d like to see you do it!!! Sounds amusing!

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