Needle Girl

“You’re a needle girl
In a haystack world
We are right now.”

Lately these words written by Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman have been resonating in my head. Written for the song “Needle And Haystack Life” off of the bands newest album Hello Hurricane serve as a reminder that we are all the needle in a haystack.  Each of us with our own strengths and weaknesses; adding to the lives of the people around us.

When I think of my relationships it often feels like meeting many of the people are truly the needles in the haystack of my life. The once in a lifetime meetings, chances being taken, living in the moment. That is what makes my life truly worth living.


  1. laura laura

    I completely agree. I think about this pretty often; how we each impact somebody’s life in one way or another, and what it would be like if we had never met certain individuals. Would my life be different if I hadn’t met you? I’m sure of it. Relationships with others make our lives… well, lives. Everything we do is either for or influenced by other people.

    When I think about the people I have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of being with over the last couple years, I have no regrets. I wouldn’t take back those moments (fleeting or otherwise) for anything. They have made me the person I am today, and I can honestly say that I love who I have become.

    Every person we get close to, we take a part of them with us forever. Even if it’s just a phrase they say often or maybe their taste in music, we tape it onto ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until they are gone.

  2. Rachel Marie Steege Rachel Marie Steege

    I love you 😉

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