Thank You Door

As I was walking though an automated I saw and heard something that took me by surprise. Maybe this was something that shouldn’t have taken me by surprise. Perhaps I’m just over reacting. Then again, maybe I’m right.

Of course, now you’re probably thinking to yourself “what did he see?” Well I saw a young girl (probably 4-6) walking though entering the door as I was exciting and as the door opened she said “thank you door.” I smiled and sort of laughed at this looking at the gentleman she was with who simply gave me a slight smile like I was crazy and we all went on our ways.

If you are like me you like to take things for granted, we live in a society where everything is fast, fast food, fast news, and fast communication. I often forget to “slow down and smell the roses.” It’s funny how often times it’s children that we turn to when we need to be reminded of life’s little lessons.


  1. niki niki

    Awww… that’s totally cute. I should really stop and smell the roses more often…
    I guess every so often we need little reminders to do so. 🙂

    And, it is true, you’re totally the coolest guy I know. And I’ve missed you too Brandon!

  2. C. C.

    Hee hee… also, that was on the Simpsons. Rod and Todd Flanders say it in unison.

    Wow, this message was from 3 years ago! Hope you are well. Bye!

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