Unity Not Uniformity

I tend to try to stay away from writing about controversial topics on this blog.  I have, however, recently been thinking a lot about religion and society and wanted to share these thoughts with all of you.

Why is it we let religion separate us instead of bring us closer together?  I’ve spent some time reading various theological debates and I always end up thinking people tend to spend way too much time trying to prove they are “right.” I remember the first time I heard the phrase “can we just agree to disagree” I was probably in about 5th grade and unsure what the phrase meant at the time. Time went on which brings us to today where I am fully aware of what it means.

I’m not one to think that everyone always has to get along all the time. Sure, utopia would be nice but a reality? Hardly.  I do believe that as Christians, believers of Christ we are called to a higher standard. I am outraged by the lack of love and basic respect I see, hear, and receive first hand from Christians.  Even among my own friends and family. It saddens me to think how many denominations, sectors, and divisions the evangelical church has. Each impacting followers in its own views. Often pushing people further away from Christ instead of closer.

Think for a minute what could be accomplished if we can love unconditionally as Christ loves us. If we truly focused our energy on the common goals of Christ. Focusing on the unity of Christ and not the uniformity of religion.  (Granted, we would first have to agree on what these “common goals” are which is where this whole problem started.) I just would like to urge you next time you feel the need to be right or argue your religious views to take a step back and look at yourself. Think, “am I fighting for unity or uniformity?”

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    Great post, Brooke.

    I think about the impact of religion a lot. I am very opposed to religion in general. To the point that I hesitate to call myself an atheist because atheism has become a non-theist religion. I have no issues with beliefs in higher powers, in spiritual conviction, in the rapture of enlightenment. You’ll get objections from me when you assert that your unprovable and ultimately irrelevant views in that area are somehow “correct” necessarily making all others “wrong”.

    Religion, or preferably unadulterated spirituality, should govern the individual; Reason should govern the masses. That is what it comes down to. Religion is a personal choice that has no affect on anyone else. So it is foolish to worry about what someone else believes.

    Thank you for urging unity. We need more of that. We are one human race, but our power is our diversity. Your hope of unity, condemnation of uniformity, demonstrates a faith in Humanity that lives alongside your faith in God and Christ. I hope that human faith never fades, and please nurture it in others as you can.

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