Yes, Chicago

As some of you know, some of you found out, and others will be shocked, I took a vacation and went to Chicago, Illinois for four days. I will say this I wouldn’t want to live there but I’ll definitely be back at some point in my future. My only regrets are not staying longer and not taking more pictures. Why Chicago. Well for many years Chicago has been one city in which I’ve wanted to see and being a person who has only been to five states in their life there was no reason not to go. Being it was my first time leaving the west coast I was a bit nervous at first but once I landed I was feeling much better about my life. My flight didn’t get in till late on Tuesday night so the agenda that night was simple go back to the motel and go to bed. The two hour time difference seemed to also affect me more than I thought it would.

The next day (Wednesday) was a lazy day for me which was good it consisted of a beef teriyaki bento box and late night ice cream with friends which you an never go wrong with. Thursday was a big day we hit of the city I got to see DePaul University (or Drupal as I liked to call it.) We then hit up The Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park. Let me just say if you are into art the AIC is a must . Boystown (Clark and Belmont) was next, this is the lovely little area of town where I picked out (and by that I mean had help picking out) a lovely little handbag and two new necklaces. This is also where I had some of the best pizza in my life at Pizza Capri. If you’re ever in Chicago make sure you get a deep dish pizza. I also got well acquainted with their el line and train system. Friday was another lazy day but it was a good day started out with breakfast at Crispy Waffle the which is a small restaurant which is known to be “better as sex” and let me tell you it lives up to that reputation (which is really just one persons comment on the place but I would have to say it’s an accurate description). After that we hit up the Clinique counter where I got some new eye shadow and blush in an adorable compact. Then it was time to head home, I said my goodbyes (and by that I mean my I’ll see you next times) and got on the plane to go home. I arrived safely last night with found memories of Chicago and a yearning to go back.


  1. Kate Sawatzki Kate Sawatzki

    Did you go to any blues clubs? UGH I wish I were cool enough to walk into a Chicago blues club.

  2. Reese Stanford Reese Stanford

    ♥ I'm so glad I could be a part of this. You must must must come see me, or I am going to come get you and steal you away! The only thing that could've made my birthday better is if you were there!

  3. Phil Spencer Phil Spencer

    Everyone always takes a picture of that bean thing

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