Attempted Poetry

Keeping Distance

I feel so distant from the truth I feel so far away from reality I feel so hated by the world, by Christians, by life I feel so rejected by everything, everyone God use me God teach me God love me God care for me From the Xanga Vault originally written February 2005:


Apologize, but why? I’m not wrong for thinking Having an opinion doesn’t make me wrong Differences are what make us Saying sorry doesn’t make the pain go away The hurt still remains the same If time truly heals all wounds or just causes us to forget It still won’t stop So respect me and I’ll […]

In a World Of Somedays

Someday this Someday that Sometime this Sometime that What will ever get done? If all we do is keep on putting things off What will be come of this world? If all we do is keep on procrastinating What will be accomplished? If all that happens is we say “I’ll do it later” Why can’t […]

Wake Up

This is a poem I wrote based off of a conversation I had with a friend about how sometimes our lives feel like a never ending dream and we reach for things that we will never be able to have. How we scream but it feels like nothing comes out or no one hears us. […]


The color of the sky reflects my state of mind Gray and gloomy, if you only knew me You say you see right through me But there’s more than meets the eye I’m really not a bad guy It just takes time to view me