Attempted Poetry


Lost. In my thoughts. Confused. About my desires. Selfish. Striving for what I want. Lonely. In this world. We all want to be heard, But no one wants to listen. We all want respect, But don’t want to respect others. We all want to be loved, But don’t want to love. —- Maybe I just […]

I am Human

I am human, I make mistakes. I have regrets, I need forgiveness. I am human, I am selfish. I expect to much, get too little. I am human, I doubt. I am loved, yet I want more. I am human. NOTE: This poem is still in the works expect it to be edited at a […]

The Game

Get a Clue You do not have a Monopoly on cool Step away from your daily Operation And take some Risk Stay out of Trouble Sorry life does not always go your way It’s not one big Candyland Live your LIFE it’s more than a game

Attempted Poetry

This poem doesn’t rhyme This song is out of tune And this book won’t ever be published Sometimes it doesn’t need to rhyme to be said Sometimes it doesn’t need to be on key to be heard And sometimes it doesn’t need to be read to be true Maybe it doesn’t need to rhyme Maybe […]