Chilly Hilly 2020

Yesterday I completed the 2020 Chilly Hilly ride on Bainbridge Island. This was my second year participating in this event. My goal this year was simple, to do better than the year before.

Last year, I struggle a bit on some of the hills. I had just received my bike, the Teal Tornado a few weeks before. The route has one point where there are two steep hills (12%+ grade) in a row and I ended up walking up one. I also found myself winded and having to stop at the top of a few of the other hills.

This year I made it to the top of all hills without walking my bike at all. About halfway through I decided to try to not even stop at the top of any of the hills. To my surprise I was able to push my body to accomplish this. Overall the ride was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to it next year.

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    Very impressive!

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