Brooke.Blog is here

I would say it feels like yesterday, but that would be a lie. It was almost 15 years ago now that I registered my first domain, Since then that particular pseudonym has became no longer relevant to my life.and it’s time for something new. 

In 2016 I switched this site’s primary domain from to Brooke.Ink. Today I’m excited to announce that the new (and hopefully final) domain for my blog is Brooke.Blog.

While I’ve been in possession of the domain since 2016 I can sometimes be a perfectionist. Over the past few years I’ve re-build the site twice from the ground up. With the most recent rebuild my goal was to get back into theme building and to embrace the Block Editor.

I also wanted to separate older content from newer content. Going forward you’ll find posts from today forward in the Post section. For older content, post can be found in the Archives area of this site.

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